Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"FALLing in Love" Bucket List

Fall is such a gorgeous time of year! I'm not a huge fan of the colder weather, but nothing beats the beauty of changing leaves. Plus, I love any excuse to cuddle up under a blanket with my love! Since the Hubster and I are living in a new town (in a new state!) we decided to make the most of this time of year by creating a "FALLing in Love Bucket List".  We just started checking things off, but we are already having so much fun!

There's a mix of some of the classics, like pumpkin decorating, along with somethings we've never done.  Can you believe my husband has never been horseback riding?!  He hasn't, which is weird, so that definitely made the list.  And, I didn't know that apple picking was a "thing", but it's pretty popular around here so it made the list, also.  I love having a list of pre-planned dates, it makes the weekend feel more like an adventure! And to add a little extra cuteness, I found a maple leaf hole punch to use for check marks!

I am loving this Bucket List! What are some of your Fall Bucket List items?

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